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Six Sides and Six Learning Games

As an exercise in learning game design, I hand each student some paper and a D6 and ask them to come up with a game using only these materials. The object is to get the students to think of the different mechanics that can be generated with just these tools.

Here are some suggestions.

1 Game name: Push Your Luck

Materials: 1d6 pen and paper
First order rules: Player 1 rolls the dice and must score a 2+ this number is recorded if the player rolls a 1 their turn ends and all points gained in the round is lost and the dice is passed to player 2. Else go to round N+1 player 1 must now roll N+1 or higher or all points earned this round are lost. The player may pass the dice at any time. play continues until one player reaches 32 points.

2) Game Name: the 6 W’s
Materials 1d6 and paper
First order rules: 1 = who 2= what 3 = where 4= when 5= how 6 = why

Player one rolls the dice and must ask a question using the starter rolled. player 2 answers the question and then takes their turn to roll.

3) Game Name: Number crunchers
Materials 1d6 and some number tiles with numbers on them.

Students must use tiles to add up to or subtract down to a target number that has been rolled

4) Game name: Interview Quiz
Materials 1d6 and list of interview questions

5)Game Name: Face parts
Materials 1d6 and a labelled picture of a face
Players must point to the part of the face that has been rolled up fastest in a snap mechanic.

6) What is your Idea for a game

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