Homework and The Grind


One of the elements that is highly frustrating in MMORPGS is the grind. It can be summarized as the (seemingly) pointless activities that the players undertake to acquire the points to progress and engage in the game proper. Typically these are activities that the player can accomplish with relative ease and have become thoughtless and […]

The Trap Of Certainty

Students like to know where they stand in relation to each other and in relation to their grades. The ability to see where you currently are relative to your skill in a subject provides excellent feedback and goal setting opportunities. However this knowledge can be a double sided sword when it comes to student performance. […]

Super hero

So this one is a writing exercise. Students write a story about one of four hero pictures provided by the teacher. The teacher can use this as a homework exercise or as an in class team writing exercise. the teacher should provide the students with vocabulary or be prepared to answer vocabulary questions students may […]