How Seating Arrangements Affect Learning

How do seating arrangements affect learning? What is the best seating arrangement? The seating arrangements of a classroom have an effect on where students focus their attention.  To use a non-teaching example, imagine you are out on a date—the traditional dinner and a movie. Which part of the date do you expect to interact with […]

Rules for classrooms

At the moment I am getting ready for the start of a new course.  One of the things I always tell my students on the first day of any course are my three golden rules. 1. Don’t panic. 2. Don’t die. 3. Don’t kill the teacher. While these three rules seem simple they cover a […]

Presentation for Daegu

I am going to be giving my Active Listening (moving beyond fill in the blanks ) presentation on Saturday May 6th in Daegu. Below is my interview about the topic. I Encourage everyone to come down and see it.