The Pride of Baghdad : Review


“In April of 2003, four lions escaped the Baghdad Zoo during the bombing of Iraq.” Based on a true story this graphic novel follows the path of the pride as they escape and the struggles that they experience in living free. It becomes a metaphor all the families that have been displaced by modern wars […]

Gamification And Assessment

Very few students enjoy assessment. It is stressful, frustrating and often viewed by students as at best a necessary evil.  It doesn’t have to be however gamification can provide a different way to look at assessment and to design the process better. In the context of education, assessment is quite definitely a game. It maps […]

Gamifying Grammar Drills

Gamifying Grammar Drills

Perhaps it’s the word ‘drill’ that fuels my dislike of grammar drills,  as it conjures up in my mind visits to the dentist. Often painful, repetitive and while good for us, definitely not fun.  In many regards, this also describes grammar drills in language acquisition. In psychological terms it is using a brute force method […]

The Trap Of Certainty

Students like to know where they stand in relation to each other and in relation to their grades. The ability to see where you currently are relative to your skill in a subject provides excellent feedback and goal setting opportunities. However this knowledge can be a double sided sword when it comes to student performance. […]

All the world is but a game and the people merely players

What is a game? To understand gamification and its impact on teaching this is possibly one of the most fundamental questions. It is also surprisingly difficult to answer. One possible way of answering is to look at the purpose games fulfill for humans. Games allow us to do many different things. They let us experiment […]