Players In The Classroom

Players in the classroom

A Multi-player online (MMO) game is very similar to a modern day classroom. They are both created environments with different ways to interact with material that is being supplied, either by the teacher (in the case of the classroom) or the server (in an MMO). They encourage both social interaction and individual work. The system […]

Talking to someone new

Talking to someone new

We have all been there; doing an activity in class that’s going really well. The students are engaged and talking—until we ask them to change partners, that is. There are many reasons why an activity can fall apart at this stage. The students might be unsure of how they are supposed to change and are […]

Idioms and classroom managment in Asia

Classroom management

You can learn a lot about cultures by how they chose to express themselves through idioms. The metaphors captured by the idiom often can give a greater insight into the cultural values of the language user. Let’s compare two idioms—one from America and the other from Asia. From America “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” […]

Is learning a discrete or emergent phenomena?

Is Learning Discrete Or Emergent

The traditional view of learning is that it is the transmission of truth from one human mind to another (see here for my take on this subject). In modern terms it is all most like computer file transfer protocols exchanging data from one knowledge retention source to another. Therefore if there is an improper transmission of […]

Gamification And Assessment

Very few students enjoy assessment. It is stressful, frustrating and often viewed by students as at best a necessary evil.  It doesn’t have to be however gamification can provide a different way to look at assessment and to design the process better. In the context of education, assessment is quite definitely a game. It maps […]