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We have all been there, doing an activity in class that's going really well the students are engaged and talking until we ask them to change partners that is.  There are many reasons why an activity can fall apart at this stage. First the students might be unsure of how they are supposed … [Read More...]

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The Importance Of Randomness

Teachers work very hard to remove randomness from classrooms, either through organization of time, activity or the direct assignment of groups to undertake the activity. A classroom is often only seen as effective when the random elements are minimized. But is that always the best … [Read More...]

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Teachers’ Belief In Students

I'm currently reading a very interesting book entitled Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior. It's full of great insights into the way we think and behave, but it can also be highly disturbing from the point of view of an educator. One thing that is particularly … [Read More...]

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Book Review: Pride Of Baghdad

"In April of 2003, four lions escaped the Baghdad Zoo during the bombing of Iraq." Based on a true story, this graphic novel follows the path of a pride of lions as they escape from Baghdad Zoo, and the struggles that they experience in living free. It becomes a metaphor for all the … [Read More...]

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Classroom management

You can learn a lot about cultures by how they chose to express themselves through idioms. The metaphors captured by the idiom often can give a greater insight into the cultural values of the language user. Let's compare two idioms—one from America and the other from Asia. From … [Read More...]

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Everybody Needs An Imaginary Friend

Everyone Needs An Imaginary Friend

Most beginner level books in English language teaching start with some form of basic introductions and then move on to everyday concrete expressions. This is in line with the Common European … [Read More...]

Gamifying Grammar Drills

Gamifying Grammar Drills

Perhaps it's the word 'drill' that fuels my dislike of grammar drills,  as it conjures up in my mind visits to the dentist. Often painful, repetitive and while good for us, definitely not … [Read More...]

Countable And Uncountable

Countable Vs Uncountable

I used to struggle with explaining the difference between these for a long time till I realized a very simple truth. Countable things are easy to count and clear to see Uncountable are … [Read More...]

Crazy Recipes

Crazy Recipes

This is one of my favorites. Students are put into pairs or teams in which they brainstorm vocabulary for food, filling out the first page. Students are then told that they are going … [Read More...]

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