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Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear - Albert Camus In the ESL /EFL field, there is a lot of talk about reducing the effective filter. In Gamification, the talk is about encouraging the Psychosocial Moratorium. Yet, even for all this talk, there is still a lot of fear … [Read More...]

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Talking to someone new

We have all been there; doing an activity in class that's going really well. The students are engaged and talking—until we ask them to change partners, that is. There are many reasons why an activity can fall apart at this stage. The students might be unsure of how they are supposed to … [Read More...]

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There is something very appropriate about using a comic book to look at the habits of society to demonize youth culture. I say this because comics themselves have had their time to be vilified. The 1950's saw the largest book burnings to ever take place in America; the target, … [Read More...]

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The Explorer In The Classroom

Richard Bartle defined 4 types of players and how they enjoyed playing MUDs (precursors to the modern MMORGS). For a discussion of how these types map to a classroom see here. The Explorer in Education Explorers delight in having the game expose its internal machinations to them. - … [Read More...]

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The reason most kids don't like school is not that the work is too hard, but that it is utterly boring - Dr. Semour Papert M.I.T. In many ways, this cuts to the heart of some of the problems we face in the EFL/ESL market. The methodologies that have been touted since the 1950's have all … [Read More...]

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