All the world is but a game and the people merely players

What is a game? To understand gamification and its impact on teaching this is possibly one of the most fundamental questions. It is also surprisingly difficult to answer. One possible way of answering is to look at the purpose games fulfill for humans. Games allow us to do many different … Continue reading

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a relatively new term. I believe it was coined by the Conundra consulting company in 2003. Given its relative newness, people are still trying to define what gamification is and possibly more importantly, what it is not. Karl M. Kapp in his book The Gamification of Learning and … Continue reading

About my site

Welcome to my humble site.  I hope once I get out of the exam season to get back to regular updates of materials. In the mean time I am hoping to put up some of my personal musings on teaching and some photos of my other hobbies.   Fall 2010 … Continue reading


I remember getting killer headaches in school. We had these floursecent light bulbs that would hum just inside my range of hearing. The light itself would make me sick at times too. finally a school in surrey is setting out to study the effect of lighting on the school environment … Continue reading


I found this Poem at the back of Carol Ann Tomlinson’s and Marcia B. Imbeau’s “leading and managing a differentiated classroom” (expect a full book review in the future) Yes, But…. I teach in a four-wall box of drab proportions, but choose to make it a place that feels like … Continue reading