New website and new challenge

I have decided that to celebrate the relaunch of my website and finally dipping my toe into the digital ocean. I am going to release one worksheet a day for the month of May. All of the files will be released in PDF format and will be able to be printed and brought straight into […]

Ugly Koreans Ugly Americans

Ugly Koreans Ugly Americans

Ugly Koreans, Ugly Americans By Professor Min Byong-Chul While not really a comic book, more an illustrated guide.  This book is a must read for any teacher in Korea, and has proved invaluable in preparing several lessons that I have had to do in the past on the subject of cultural differences.  The book is […]

Calvin And Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson One of the most successful and longest-running comic strips was Calvin and Hobbes. Telling the story of a young boy and his imaginary pet tiger, filled with stories of childhood and growth. I have always had a soft spot this comic book may be because of identifying with Calvin.  […]