Peadar Callaghan (41)

Kilkenny west the pigeons Athlone, Co.Westmeath. Ireland

M.A History

M.A English Language Teaching


Country of Citizenship: Ireland

Currently in Tallinn, Estonia
Universities attended: University of Dundee

University of limerick

15 years University teaching experience



University of Limerick, Limerick,  Ireland 2005

Master of Arts in Modern History

University of Dundee, Dundee,  Scotland 2001


Daegu University Language Education Center, Daegu Korea

Professor of English, September 2011 -present

Leading task based conversation classes. Developing materials and collating research information for publication.


Kyungbook National University Language Education Center, Daegu Korea
Professor of English, September 2007-September 2011
Leading task based conversation classes. Developing materials and collating research information for publication.


MBT Academy Mugeodong, Ulsan Korea
Curriculum Writer/Teacher, November 2005- September 2007
Taught Conversation based language program for students Elementary to High school students. Was in charge of Curriculum selection and the design of testing materials.

Drama coach University of Limerick Drama Society. Limerick. Ireland
Drama coach September 2004- 2005

Responsible for various stage projects from inception through to completion. Designed and ran weekly drama classes focused on the skills necessary to stage a production

Freelance and Independent Contracts


Member of the K.N.U Editing Team

September 2007 – January 2011


Head of the K.N.U Editing Team

February 2008 – August 2010


Course designer and Head teacher “Business Communication and Writing Skills”, K.N.U International Department

March 2008 – September 2008


Course designer and Head teacher “Academic Writing and Study Skills”, K.N.U International Department

September 2008 – Present


Edited the Center for the Education of Gifted Youths publication

(a 260 page document with a two week turn around)

July 2009


Negotiated Internship exchange program between K.N.U international writing center and the University of Limerick

August 2009


Webmaster for K.N.U L.E.C teachers resources website

January 2009 – Present


Course Designer and Teacher of “The global leadership school English curriculum”

Responsible for the formation of a intensive writing course for the curriculum with integrated student centered assessment.

March 2010- July 2010


Administrator of Moodle website for teachers in the KNU language education center

March 2010- present


Administrator of Moodle website used by the international department of KNU

March 2008 – August 2011


Content author for Eduspa University textbooks project. Seokyung Bldg, 1602-2, Seocho3-Dong Seocho-gu, Seoul

October 2010- January 2012


Consultant and pilot teacher for “One World” book due to be published in June 2011

March 2010 – February 2011


Content writer for E-Future on the International Bachelorete program

June 2010-April 2013


Consultant with Education designers

June 2010- April 2013


Projects and Program Development


A web based Corpus of Korean Learner English


A university writing book based on inductive teaching methodology (ongoing project with Sara Davilla M.A) 


“Gamification using theory to improve the class”

“Differentiated Classroom Instruction”

“Listening Fluency in ESL”

“Using Graphic Organizers to Improve Speaking” (2013)

“Total Participation Techniques for the Clasroom”

Presented: Gwangu conference March, Seoul Conference March, Kotesol National Conference Busan, Jeonju Conference June, and KOTESOL International Conference October 2012. Cambodia Tesol February 2013

“continuous communicative assessment” With Sara Davilla

“Presentation Skills Dealing with Questions and Difficult Audiences”

Presented: Busan Kotesol chapter April 2011

“Active Listening, Moving beyond fill in the blanks” ( How to teach listening skills in a student centered manner)

Presented: Seoul National conference March 2011, Daegu KOTESOL May 2011, May KOTESOL National Conference 2011 Daejon KOTESOL International Conference October 2011

“Giving feedback techniques and tips” (how to incorporate effective feedback into the classroom environment)

Presented: Daegu Kotesol Chapter October 2010

“A Corpus of Korean learners English” (presentation of research with Will Lingle)

Presented: Daejon CALL and Multimedia Conference June 2010

“Using Moodle with Young Learners” (Teacher training seminar introducing techniques to use moodle to support a standard teaching curriculum)

Presented: K.N.U Young learners Program February 2010

“Comics in the Classroom” (the use of multimodal media in teaching English)

Presented : Daegu Kotesol chapter October 2009, Kotesol Seoul National conference March 2010, Kotesol National conference Daegu  May 2010, Busan Kotesol Conference June 2010, Jeonju Kotesol Conference June 2010, Kotesol International conference/ the Pan Asian Conference Seoul October 2010

“Simplified Engineering English 1 and 2” (introduction to the principles of S.E.E)

Presented: K.N.U International Writing Center November 2009, January 2010,

“Noise in the Classroom” (phonetic and phonemic awareness teaching techniques)

Presented for Woonjin June 2009

Research projects / Interests.

Gamification and its application to ESL (ongoing research)

Task Based Writing Teaching (September 2009-March 2010)

A study of student’s attitudes and performance in two separate task based learning classes focused on teaching academic writing.  Conducted over the space of a semester at two separate universities in Korea with Sara Davila M.A.

Professional affiliations

Member of KOTESOL Reflective Practices Special Interest Group March 2011- Present

Member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) December 2009-Present

President of KOTESOL Daegu chapter (November 2010 –December 2012)

1st VP KOTESOL National (October 2012-2013)

President KOTESOL National (October 2013-Present)

Member of KOTESOL March 2009- present


Assistant Stage Manager for KOTESOL International conference October 2010

Drama Coach for the Center for the Education of Gifted youth. Kyungpook National University September 2009

Volunteer working with “New Horizons” refugee support group Ireland January 2004 -2005

Volunteer at a Montessori school Vs Bischof Faber Platz 1 1180 Wien Austria September-December 2003

Professional Development

“Curriculum Design” course completion certificate ASCD September 2010

“Performance Assessment”  course completion certificate ASCD February 2010

Attended KOTESOL National Leadership Retreat January 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Attended “Cambridge Days Busan 2010”  November 2009

Attended KOTESOL International Conference October 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


Complete accounting of Presentations, Research Projects, Publications and Professional Affiliations available upon request